Building Your Brand

When launching your business you will start by building your brand.  Your brand consist of a few key elements


  • What you have to offer the consumer – do you  products, services or both
  • What are your goals for your business
  • And Who you are – Your name


Let’s focus on your NAME. When launching your UnFranchise powered by Market America gives you a name. Your websites are attached to this name along with the parent companies name. Example


Due to this it can make the URL long and not very easy to memorize. We suggest you create your own unique Domain Name and have it forwarded to your web site.


Visit sites such as GO DADDY to complete this process. You can have a unique name for each site you receive with your Unfranchise. The cost to purchase a domain name is less than you would pay for an average lunch.  plus you can earn cashback and IBV. A couple of suggestions the shorter name the better, do not use dashes and .com is always preferred


Take time when selecting your name you will want it to roll off your tongue. Purchasing your own unique name will assure you that your customers will always be redirected to your website.


Once you have your name you are ready for steps 123


Step 1 set a customer profile

Step 2 follow up with an email directing them back to your site

Step 3 Create a customized page better known as a trend shop if products were suggested


*Step 1 Set their customer profile


This is the step we refer to as The Million Dollar Question. links all our customers to us just by entering their email address


Rather than asking people to visit your site and create an account you as the shop consultant offer to take care of this as a service to them.


When you are discussing what you do and what products you offer ask the individual The Million Dollar Question which is

Can I send you a link to my website

They will respond sure

Next you say GREAT Let me get your email address


We have 2ways you can set their profile. Visit click on the customer tab and scoll down to create new customer next you fill in the information and scroll to the bottom to submit the information

Once complete a confirmation screen will appear


You can also enter the information through your by clicking the create account on the top or utilize the easy registration by click the learn more tab on the right. You will enter their email in the appropriate field and will one click they are now linked to you.


*Step 2 The Fortune is in the Follow up remember you asked if you can send them a link to your website? You will do this in an email.


Include a note refreshing them on your previous question. You will want to make sure you include a link to your site along with their log in which will be their email and their password which will default to America until they change it.


*Step 3 If products were suggested you will create a customized page better known as a Trend Shop

Trend shops give you the ability to add items from to a page that will go live when complete. You can create as many trends as you like and the best part is they do not cost anything to create. Lets discuss when you should create a customized  page.


Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden your tongue gets away from you? You are blurting out product information, web site addresses and jumping from our different division and possibly over to the business benefits! You are excited but the recipient is thinking www.WHAT, slow down, and then you loss them


Here is a great alternative When you would like someone to look at certain products you offer. Rather asking them to find the products on their own, set their customer profile and send them a customized page with all the products you feel they would be interested in.


Let me show you how easy it is to create a trend shop.


On the home page of your scroll to the top you will see the tab to redirect you to TRENDS


Now click create a trend


You will want to name your trend, include a description and tags. On the right you can search for products when the product appears slide it from the right into the left box. After complete you can arrange these images into a collage or select a photo that will cover your images but will not remove the product links from your trend


Trends give you the ability to use a stock image, upload an image from your computer and also pull an image from Instagram such as the Motives Mavens images. This works great when advertising your makeup line.


Once complete hit save, preview and publish

You will see your page go live along with all the hyperlinks

Your customer can hover over an image and be able to add to cart with one click of the mouse


You can use the icons at the top of the screen to send your page to a specific email or advertise your trend on social media


When should you make a trend?  How about after a Wellness event or a motives party for all those that attended.  Are you a TLS couch a trend shop is a great reference guide for the regiments you would like your clients on


At your Motives event not everyone will purchase all the products you discussed but they may want something the next time they get paid this is a great follow up tool


When you have a tls client each one is on a different regiment trend shop work as a one line file cabinet they will store the folder that they can access at anytime


Trends work as a great prospecting tool as well. To introduce the conquer platform to this musician I created him a trend page. He was able to see how he can monetize his music and take advantage of our unique relationship to This gives him the ability to capalize on his lifestyle and convert fans to customers.


Here is what inspired me to start utilizing the trends tool


A friend messaged me asking for advice on how to knock off some stubborn pounds and have more energy?


I responded by setting her customer profile and following up with a personalized page


Her trend shop consisted of 2 kits.

Detox kit to assist with stubburn poinds

And the Engery kit to increase her energy


The total retail was 199

my cost 137

which means a 62.90 profit

along with 85 commission points that the whole team benefit from


This customer has her trend archived. This makes it easy for her to reorder which she has done over and over again


If you would like to gift one of the products you spoke about to someone again set their customer profile and follow up with an egift. You select multiple items create a page add a note and email the recipient. This method allows the recipient to select the item they would like. You are only charged when a selection has been made.


eGifts help build your shopping annuity, can be used in place of a tip. Next time you get you visit the beauty salon or auto mechanic ask for their email and tell them they will be receiving a gift from your exclusive line.


When a customer places a large order reward them with a egift hosting products from your other lines


Use egifts as a prospecting tool. When someone is interested in the business let them see the technology that drives our sites along with giving them the opportunity to experience our superior quality products


When implementing steps 1 2 3

Setting customer profile following up with an email and creating a customized page when products are discussed will make it easier for someone to shop will result in higher sales




Michele Molinaro

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business is operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no employees. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

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