Positive Thinking

Proving the power of positive thinking by journaling

Journaling is a simple writing technique that can be an effective method of stress relief. Studies have been done showing that keeping a journal improves ailments from A to Z. Human beings are natural storytellers. We build our lives from the stories we tell each other.  As we age the stories can get altered due to memory loss. Through the daily practice of Journaling; thoughts and emotions, the day to day struggles and victories all become new lives recreated and rebuilt through the story being told

Journaling can be done privately or shared with a group. When done in a group the magic of being heard and understood is extremely validating. Journaling, however, can also be done privately and be just as cathartic because as the individual writes down their feelings the writer becomes the listener and validates him/herself.

One very popular method of journaling these days is called blogging.  Blogging is a discussion of any topic or information that is published on the World Wide Web allowing the writer to share anonymously while benefiting from feedback from other readers.

Whichever method of journaling you choose it is a worthwhile topic for discussion.  It can be a useful tool for healing and self improvement.

Journaling Tips;

  • There is no right or wrong way to write a journal
  • Write often
  • Do not judge your writing skills
  • Go with the flow

 Relax Before a Journaling Session

A good way to begin a journaling session is to relax and release the cares of your day. This will quiet your mind and help you focus on the writing.

  • Play quiet soothing instrumental music if you like.
  • Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath as you breathe slowly, in…and…out, in…and…out.
  • Use your slow breathing to relax further into your body.
  • Let the tensions and concerns of the day flow out and away.
  • Know you are in a safe, comfortable place.

Michele Molinaro

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