To BLOG or not to BLOG? {Week 8}

The blogging movement is quickly picking up speed, especially as businesses realize what a valuable and powerful business building tool it can be. If you are not currently writing a blog for your UnFranchise® Business, it may be time to weigh the pros and cons and decide if blogging is a good fit for you! Read on for our list of pros that can help … [Read more...]

Know the Facts {Week 7}

SHOW ME THE MONEY! When ever we make an investment our focus is on the return on investment. The time it will take, the percentage I should be expecting, how much time will I be expected to participate etc. All of which are open ended questions when it comes to home based Internet businesses because your income is based upon your efforts. What to … [Read more...]

The Art of Recruiting {Week 6}

The Art of Recruiting 101 By Mark Stevenson Prospect-Specific Value Proposition (PSVP) There are 6 things that you as an Unfranchise Owner must be able to do in order to grow your business. Remember Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring is a process. Take it slow. FISH dont ATTACK          Engage a prospect You have to be able to talk … [Read more...]

From Brick and Mortar to Click and Order {week 5}

 Building a solid business starts with exposing your products or services to the public. "If your mouth is not open your business is CLOSED!" Due to the rise in internet technology our society has shifted their buying habits from brick and Mortar to Click and Order.  The cost of operation is minimal but the revenue relies solely on your retail … [Read more...]

Is training mandatory NO, but neither is success {week 4}

No one who has ever achieved anything in life has done so without training. When we were teens and started working – whether it was at a gas station, bagging groceries, waiting tables, working at the mall-we had training in order teach us what was expected of us. Training helped us understand the tasks we needed to complete. The only difference … [Read more...]