Unexpected Sidetrip

As we traveled to New Orleans we talked about what we thought we would be encountering. Neither one of us had ever been before nor did we really know much about the city except for what we had seen on television. Day one was simply walking around the city finished with dinner and festivities at a local bar on Bourbon St. Day 2 we took a open 2 floor bus tour it was great to be in the open and learn all about the heritage of this beautiful city. We stopped and ate a Muffaletta and Beignets. A tourist thing to do. That evening we attended a traditional New Orleans wedding on Royal St at the Court of two sisters. The bride was radiant. The food amazing.
Creole flair from appetizers, Jambalaya  and Turtle soup. The night ended with a Second Line. If you have never been to New Orleans I dont think you would know the meaning behind those words. We shut down the streets and took the party outdoors. With the brass band leading the way along with the bride and groom we danced, sang and made friends along the way an adventure I will remember always.

As our trip winded down we decided to have one more adventure we would visit the Plantations we had heard about from the staff at the hotel. Being a northerner all my life this intrigued me.  So we set out one hour out of the way turning our 10 hour car trip into 12 hours. Tony was not thrilled. Upon arrival we could tell it was worth it. The home was majestic. The 300 year old Oak Trees lined the entrance. The staff greeted us in southern style. As we learned about the owners we realized how much tradition went into everything they did. Due to no technology, communication was slow and they had to find ways to alert the household about simple functions such as dinner is served too guest have arrived. Almost everything in the home had meaning from a mirror that is curved showing a father the layout of the whole room so he can tell if he would like a gentlemen to stay or go. A candle stick inserted into a swivel metal holder also alerts the gentleman if the father is approving of him. The bell that sits on the side of home has many rings alerting everyone on the plantation of the activities going on. I never realized the meaning behind silverware. The larger the silverware which was either pure silver or gold determined your wealth. It is also placed upside down. We also learned the average height of a creole man was 5’4″ and a women was under 5′ so in today’s times most of us would be considered giants. The most incredible information we learned was how they created air condition. A man made fan with a rope attached is placed over the dinning room table and a servant is put in charge of constantly keeping the  fan in motion. A bowl of dry ice is placed in the center of the table the cool vapor rises and fan sends a cool breeze in the direction of the guests. Creating Air Conditioning. 

Sometimes just taking a road trip can change your perception of life.



Michele Molinaro

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