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Picking the right piece of jewelry is an experience that can be rewarding in the end but can be tricky and confusing you might even become very frustrated during the process. Lots of times pieces are picked based on a trend. This is okay as long as the consumer realizes this look might quickly change. Then you have pieces that are timeless. No matter the fashion style or the time of year these pieces make a statement that will have heads turning. As they do with any of the pieces from Lorens Jewels.

When making a jewelry purchase solicit the advice of a gemologist. Take photos to review and always go by what you love. Your first impression when you look in the mirror will be the key factor on what mood you are in when you wear the piece. A piece of jewelry can empower you to take on the world. Always remember everyone will be attracted to your smile first and then the Jewels. So make sure you love the piece you are purchasing.

A couple of tips look at how the metal blends with your skin tone, Does the length of your hair allow the jewels to be shown and The shape of your face.

Skin Tone:

Cool skin tones favor metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold.
Warm skin tones favor metals such as gold, pewter, brass, and copper.
Complementary Colors:
Cool skin tones favor stones such as white pearls and diamonds. Stone color should focus on jewel tones such as pinks, purples, blues, reds, and magentas.
Warm skin tones favor stones such as coral or golden toned pearls. Stone color should focus on more earthy tones such as browns, oranges, greens, yellows, peaches, corals, and also turquoises.

Shape of your face:

Heart/Inverted Triangle/Diamond Shaped Face:
Earrings: dangle or drop earrings help to lengthen the face.
Necklaces: chokers help contrast and soften the sharp angle of the chin.
Round/Square/Triangular Shaped Face:
Earrings: try elongated shapes such as ovals, or angular shapes such as rectangles. Square shaped faces look particularly well in teardrop earrings.
Necklaces: look for necklaces that elongate your face, typically necklaces that extend below the neckline (28″ to 32″).
Rectangular/Oblong Shaped Face:
Earrings: choose short or round earrings to contrast the longer face shape.
Necklaces: chokers, especially if you have a long neck.
Oval Shaped Face:
Earrings: dangle earrings (not too long), preferably angular shaped.
Necklaces: can be either long or short (if long neck, then chose a shorter necklace)

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