The 3 R’s…

Finding your Inspiration can be challenging in today’s fast paced environment. Life has become so distracting that sometimes it is hard to stay focused to the tasks at hand. You begin something and within a short period of time you are draw into something else. You may go through a period of time where you just cant get your momentum. It happens to everyone at one point or another. We must dig deep find something or someone that can put you back on the right road. Here are a few helpful tips to help you navigate to your final destination.

#1 Write your GOALS: These should be anywhere between 100-400 words. They should include short term goals along with an action plan on how you will get it done. Out of your goals you should select one word that sums up your mission and hang that word in as many places as possible to re-instill your why.

#2 Quotes: A brief description of your life’s purpose will keep you balanced and grounded. Deflecting negative thoughts away from you. Here are some great examples;

Don’t get caught up in the approval of many. The closer you get to your destiny, the smaller the crowd will most likely be.
Duane McLaughlin
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw
It is the small things in life that are done constantly that add up to the big accomplishments

Michele Molinaro

#3 Read: Reprogramming the brain is vital in this fast paced sometimes negative society. Our brain is a computer and we can reboot it as much as possible in order to get it thinking the thoughts we want. Focus on reading inspirational authors that will enlighten you on the strengths you actually posses. We all are beautiful bright individuals with amazing gifts. We need to reach down and pull them out without the fear of what will someone think.

If you consistently do your three R’s wRite,Remind and Read you will achieve your dreams and inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and do the same.

Michele Molinaro

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business is operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no employees. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

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