Post with a Purpose!

Last night we completed the second part of the SHOP.coms Internet training in Durham, NC. It was a huge success. The room was buzzing sharing testimonials on strategies that work for them, asking questions and just having FUN. The 4 hour class flew by. We took a 20 minute workshop were we went around the room assisting first time social media users … [Read more...]

All Access…

Behind the curtain look at  Mark Mckinney's life Behind the scene look at the life of a Country Rock Star. As they step on stage to perform you have to stop and think of the thousands of hours it took to get them here. It first starts with the actual writing of the song, then you need to put the notes behind the words, pick the right musicians … [Read more...]

Cash in with Conquer

Incorporate Conquer MUSIC into your meetings  This is a great way to expose this division of Market America to more people. Conquer is our exclusive platform that allows artists a way to expose their music to our customer base but also gives them the opportunity to profit from their fan base by converting them to preferred customers due to the … [Read more...]

A Weekend Adventure

  When life sets up obstacles do you back down or create a new road. That is exactly what we had to do this past weekend. After waiting 8 hours at the airport for our flight to leave we realized all hope was lost of a connecting flight to our final destination Buffalo NY. We could go home and reschedule for a later time possibly next year or rent a … [Read more...]

No more couch potatoes

The world is changing a paradigm shift has taken place and we have a new way to distributing and advertising goods to the end consumer. We are no longer shopping at brick and mortar we have converted to click and order. Malls are becoming obsolete they are inconvenient and costly to operate in which case driving cost of goods even higher. … [Read more...]