The holidays have changed over the past 10 years. We no longer need to stop having fun with the family so that we can get a few hours sleep before waking in the middle of the night to wait in line for the sale of a lifetime. The INTERNET is open 24/7 and you can find more coupons, savings and deals than in the store from the warmth and comfort of … [Read more...]

No more couch potatoes

The world is changing a paradigm shift has taken place and we have a new way to distributing and advertising goods to the end consumer. We are no longer shopping at brick and mortar we have converted to click and order. Malls are becoming obsolete they are inconvenient and costly to operate in which case driving cost of goods even higher. … [Read more...]

Know the Facts {Week 7}

SHOW ME THE MONEY! When ever we make an investment our focus is on the return on investment. The time it will take, the percentage I should be expecting, how much time will I be expected to participate etc. All of which are open ended questions when it comes to home based Internet businesses because your income is based upon your efforts. What to … [Read more...]


Retailing is the cornerstone of any business. We as a society hate to be sold  but love to buy. Understanding this statement will help you to become a more effective retailer. Use your extensive knowledge as a consumer. What are your likes and dislikes. When shopping do you like it when a sales person confronts you and tries to assist you or do you … [Read more...]

From Brick and Mortar to Click and Order {week 5}

 Building a solid business starts with exposing your products or services to the public. "If your mouth is not open your business is CLOSED!" Due to the rise in internet technology our society has shifted their buying habits from brick and Mortar to Click and Order.  The cost of operation is minimal but the revenue relies solely on your retail … [Read more...]