Goals are just dreams with deadlines {Week 3}

Everyday you get the opportunity to change your outcome. Start the day off with a phrase, a word, a photo of something that speaks volumes to you. Something that will put you in a positive place no matter what lies ahead of you that day. Make today the beginning of your new journey. The best place to start is with writing out your goals. Set your … [Read more...]

Convert Spending Into Earning {Week 2}

We all have one thing in common we consume products. The question is are you investing in your families future every time you support one of your favorite brands. We all become creatures of habit. We get stuck on a particular brand and it just seems to hard to switch. This loyalty is what keeps manufactures alive but the real question is are you … [Read more...]

Kick Off {Week 1}

Every business is in sales. Weather you are selling a product or a service you are selling. What this means is you need customers. This is the first step in launching your business. You must advertise your new business. You can do this through word of mouth or through utilizing social media. Once you have established your customers you will need a … [Read more...]