Convert Spending Into Earning {Week 2}

Convert spending into earningWe all have one thing in common we consume products. The question is are you investing in your families future every time you support one of your favorite brands. We all become creatures of habit. We get stuck on a particular brand and it just seems to hard to switch. This loyalty is what keeps manufactures alive but the real question is are you being compensated for this loyalty?

We as Internet entrepreneurs have 3 built in components that can assist you with your shopping annuity.

  • Home Advisor 
  • My List
  • Transfer Buy

Each one of these technology’s are designed to alert you on the savings available for you. It allows you to see how by converting to a different brand how much you can save your family. These savings will accumulate in cashback and/or commissions.

#1 Home Advisor

The home advisor is a online tool that walks through every room in your home. It takes into consideration how many people and pets live in the home. Does the home have a pool on the property and how many cars does the family own. When you walk through the home you will be asked what products you are currently using.

Example: Bathroom: Soap, deodorant, shaving cream, hair gel, feminine needs, toilet tissue.

After making your appropriate selection now it is time to go shopping. The software will match you selections to products that best suit your needs. Allowing you the ability to see cost of savings.  At the end of your Home assessment you will be able to add your items to a list called My List. This list will be archived for you to access in the future. No more wasting time going from room to room creating a grocery list and leaving the home wasting gas to go shopping for the same products week after week month after month. We like to call this ability “Once and Done”. The bonus feature is after the list has been compiled you will be alerted on how much you have saved your family.


How many of you create a grocery store list? Weather it is 5 items or 50 we all write down what we need prior to going to the store. Why because we dont want to have to go back. If you survey 100 people 99 percent would agree grocery shopping is not their number one way to spend a few hours every week. When scrolling through our website and an item catches your attention there is a icon included on every product page

my list

You will have the ability to categorize each list. There are no limits to how many list you can create. Once you name your list you can recall it at any time. Select the quantity of items you would like and add to cart that simple. If you or your family use items on a regular bases you can even use the autoship feature. This will give you the ability to have items shipped directly to you every 30-60-90 days. I like to call this feature “set it and forget it”


#3 Transfer Buy

When you have the choice to buy wholesale or retail which do you prefer every time? When you own your own Internet Franchise {} you have the ability to purchase products you and your family use on a weekly/monthly bases for wholesale cost. This saves you money while making you money. Due to the fact we benefit 100% from commissions associated with our proprietary products. Those products are manufactured directly for us giving us more profit margin. Our products are also highly concentrated so you will use less which will greatly increase your profit margin.

For example: We all wash our clothes rather than spending $5.79 on a name brand that only does 80 loads from the grocery store/department store buy from yourself and save well over $60.23


Another example is household cleaning products. The big difference is our SNAP {Saving Nature Animal People} no toxic cleaning products are safe to bath in, clean the home, use as a hand soap and much more. STOP paying for a commercial or a add in a magazine and start reinvesting into your families future. 409, Mr Clean and Windex are not putting your children through college or taking your family on a vacation put your $350.00 plus into a savings account. To be used by you.

snap 2

As a business owner it is common knowledge that you must spend money to make money. That is true but being able to build a strong business on the products you are purchasing is a gift. In traditional business we have to invest in an inventory that sits on a shelf  hoping for the day a customer will come along and make a purchase. Our business gives us the opportunity to grow from our own daily purchases but it also gives us the flexibility to change our monthly purchases. This  allows us the ability to sample many products without investing with a large amount of capital.

How To change your transfer buy:



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