Kick Off {Week 1}

Kick off as easy as 1,2,3

Every business is in sales. Weather you are selling a product or a service you are selling. What this means is you need customers. This is the first step in launching your business. You must advertise your new business. You can do this through word of mouth or through utilizing social media. Once you have established your customers you will need a place to send the customers. You can choose either a physical location or a click and order. This requires you to have an address. With a brick and mortar you are supplied a street  address. The problem with this is you also have to pay rent, have employees and utilizes bills. In the late 90’s the World Wide Web made its presence and changed the way we distribute goods to the end consumer. Our address converted from a street to a otherwise known as a domain name. We no longer would need a large inventory. We partner with companies and they dropship the products to our customers. Products are sold to us at wholesale cost and we distribute to the end consumer allowing us to make a retail profit.

Step 1

What makes us different from anyone else is we lock our customers in through their email. Once a customer profile is set every time a customer searches for a product and is directed to they will be logged in and automatically redirected to your site. This means the retail profit and commissions will be deposited in your account from this sale.

The key to success in this process is knowing your address and following up with your customers/clients. Creating a domain name that is easy for you to remember is the first step. When your business is launched you receive several domain names. By making a small investment into your business to purchase a simplified name and forward it to your site. This will create more name recognition on behalf of your customers. This investment is approximately $12.00 per year and you can own as many as possible.

How to Forward a Domain Name:


Is vital to your success. Customer service businesses exist only when the customer is satisfied and happy. Your fortune relies on your Follow Up system. Stand out above all others. You can do through several methods.  Send a personalized card through the post office, when shipping include information about products and how to reorder also put together a email campaign. When operating a Internet Business email gives you the opportunity to include links back to your web site and to direct product pages. Being able to make it fast and easy for someone to shop will result in sales for you.

Here are some examples for you to cut and paste into your email program:


Step 3

A trend shop can be used to introduce products or as a follow up to a conversation you may have had with an individual. Our websites allows us to customize a page with our proprietary products along with over 5 million one cart stores. Creating a trend is fast and fun. They can be shared with in social media or sent directly to someones email. When creating a trend every item placed into the page will automatically insert a hyperlink so purchasing is simplified. Trends are embedded with key words – tags. These words represent the items placed on the page. This function gives the page relevance. When a consumer is using one of your key words in the search bar your trend will populate. This will allow you to expose your business to a larger audience.

Michele Molinaro

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business is operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no employees. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

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