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When ever we make an investment our focus is on the return on investment. The time it will take, the percentage I should be expecting, how much time will I be expected to participate etc. All of which are open ended questions when it comes to home based Internet businesses because your income is based upon your efforts. What to make money sell a product want to make it quickly host a party,  Want to create residual income present products to service oriented businesses that can provide our exclusive products to their clients. Want to create Leveraged residual income expose the business and expand distribution. The only way to effectively take this step is to know the facts of the compensation structure and the company you represent.

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  • FACTS: 

Volume Accrual – 365 Days
Volume Search to Infinity
Volume Placement
Unlimited Income Potential
No Levels

How we differ from  “typical” home-based businesses.

The following is a synopsis of the many differences between what we are… how we are compensated …and what the typical home-based business (99.9% of them MLM) try to convince you is easy to do !  If you’ve ever experienced the hype of MLM and the never-ending nightmare of recruiting, competition, high retail requirements, front-end loading, break-aways, reverse incentives, and very little chance for success…you’ll understand the differences noted below.

If you happen to be a business owner…and understand the cost, difficulties, headaches, and time involved in building a business…you’ll probably find these benefits very appealing…when this business is built it is residual !  (Volume refers to a point system given for the purchase of products and services).

100% Volume Search to Infinity: There are NO levels here! How would you like to get paid for 100% of the volume placed beyond the 7th level?  You’re even paid on volume from above!

Volume Accrual UNTIL you get paid: Group volume accumulates for an entire year…Would it make a difference in your commissions if there were NO end of month? “Slow starters especially like this”! And you accrue volume from above and below… right from the start!

Commissions Paid Weekly: NOT monthly, and you keep the ENTIRE check. Your smallest check would be $300.00…created by ALL people in your group…giving you true leverage to infinity.

24/7 Reporting System: No guesswork…Know where your volume is coming from, and be able to help your organization grow…help them and you make more money.  Our System gives you all the facts and figures to help you get to the money!

No Breakaways: The people in your organization NEVER break-away…and you CONTINUE to earn full commissions on all those in your organization as they are growing their respective businesses.

Re-Entry: How would you like to see yourself in your own organization? How would your people feel if they knew they were going to be paid on YOUR efforts…YOUR volume?

Multiple payouts on the same volume: How would you like to get paid multiple times on the same volume to infinity? Compounding effect !

Assignment of Volume within your Organization: You can help your people receive commissions and bonuses by placing volume within their business…without negatively affecting your own business.

Activate with only 2: Only 2 key people required to activate your business and begin to get to the commissions!

Many different businesses in one: Pick the one you like…but have the ability to offer a “Customizable” Business Opportunity to colleagues and friends.  We all have different ideas of what we’d like to specialize in.  You’re not “stuck” with limited products or services.  And we don’t manufacture anything…we simply “broker”…so we have the ability to move with the marketplace.

Account for only 2: 2 Retail sales every 90 days…$200.00 in retailing/90 days…Something every average person can do.  Choose from over 2500 products, find ONE that you like, and talk about it !
By recommending things to others…much like recommending a good movie….we make money!

Internet and E-commerce Marketing: Want a web presence to market your e-commerce business on line? DONE… Just plug it in….and the products can be shipped directly from the company, retailer or manufacturer to your customer.  You earn commissions on everything that is purchased from your site…to infinity…no matter WHO buys it !

Test Marketing: We have no need to enroll people to see if they are capable of growing a business. No one wants your money… Until you are convinced that you can be successful, you can test-market the business with the help of your sponsor (you must be recommended by a current Independent Distributor) prior to spending any money & committing yourself to it.

Phenomenal Support System: On-going Training seminars…NOT hype sessions! Interactive tapes and videos, Educational materials, state-of-the-art product presentations, and Teamwork to help each new business owner get started on the road to success. If you’re coachable and willing to plug into the training schedule in your area your success ratio goes way up. We follow an 18-year old proven business system…much like a franchise.

Will it to your family: Pass your residual income on to your family and let them watch it grow…even after you’re gone.
Minimum requirements (see below) must be done to continue to be paid commissions. Build a SIX-Figure Income and pass it to your children!

Income continues to grow: When you become ill or simple need an extended vacation.

Residual Income: For the rest of your life…for helping other people become a success. Discover the talents of others, grow your business, and enrich your life by helping others….

High Retention Rate: People stay with the business because they are paid not only on their efforts, but also on the efforts of others. By helping others we help ourselves…what a concept!

Structured On-going training and support: Nationwide training…8,000 trainings per quarter. We have the largest training organization in the world.

No front-end loading: Initial product order minimal.

No warehousing of products: Have them drop-shipped if you choose.

Product Brokerage: No manufacturing costs means lower prices and truly unique products through 100 top manufacturers nationwide… the end consumer gets a better product for less, and…we’re able to seamlessly move with the marketplace….marketing anything the customer wants or needs!

15 Million Dollar website presence: Allows you to purchase/market anything (from over 2500 Market America branded products AND 35 Million products/services from our affiliate partners) 24/7, and make commissions on ALL of it…to infinity !

Partnered with Microsoft FAST…the fastest growing company in the WORLD!  Is currently working on building the most innovative searchable shoppers database of over 35 Million products/services… single shopping cart convenience and security…exclusively for Market America.
Move Over !


If any of the features listed above interest you….or someone you know might be interested in this material…you’ll want to pass it on, and get more in-depth information yourself.

If you’re skeptical and decide that what you’ve read in this list might be “one of those things” ….
and you take no action to find out for sure ? I have a question for you……

   “What if 1/2 of what is written here is true?”  Maybe you should get more information ?

Minimum Requirements:
We each partner with, and help 2 people… who like us, want to build a successful Unfranchise Business.
We each BUY a little… 50 ~ 150 in volume per month (transfer some of the dollars you already spend elsewhere… and buy from yourself) based on YOUR success rate, not on what the COMPANY dictates.

SELL a little… $200.00 per quarter in total sales, a minimum of 2 receipts.

Report your $200.00 in retail sales per quarter… 5 minute task done online…once every 3 months.

Plug into the UFMS & Voice Mail System (Business Management System) at $30.00/month.

Renew Your Subscription annually… $99.95 keeps you online with your WEB Portal, Quarterly Training CD’s, Monthly Powerline Magazine, Digital Marketing Materials, and Annual Renewal obligation.

Company Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1992 Market America Worldwide is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Over $5.5 billion generated in accumulated retail sales
  • Individuals have earned over $2.9 billion in commissions and retail profits
  • Hundreds of exclusive Market America branded products and services
  • Over 40 million additional products/services through affiliates and direct partners
  • Operates globally in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United Kingdom

The Manifesto is the document Jr Ridinger created with our corporate team that explains why things are the way they are and the logic or reasoning behind everything from the math of the plan, legal safe harbor, leveraging productivity to maximize residual income to UnFranchise systemization maximizing residual income, to requirements and the why’s behind them and how they are your best friend. The document fully compares The Binomial system and MPCP with the UnFranchise Business model against Direct Sales, Networking, MLM, and other Business opportunity models showing why this UnFranchise is superior and the solution. The following 2 videos are the main courses on the philosophy, logic and reasoning behind the UnFranchise system, Binomial tracking system, and the MPCP. They are on the website for the UnFranchise & Binomial Manifesto: Manifesto Page: – See more at:

Just for fun but the truth!

Michele Molinaro

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business is operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no employees. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

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