The Art of Recruiting {Week 6}

The Art of Recruiting 101


Mark Stevenson


Prospect-Specific Value Proposition (PSVP)

There are 6 things that you as an Unfranchise Owner must be able to do in order to grow your business.

Remember Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring is a process. Take it slow. FISH dont ATTACK

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Engage a prospect

You have to be able to talk everyone about the business, as an UnFranchise owner remember if it was good for you it is great for everyone else.  At a minimum you should be following a 3-1-2 concept daily.  Which is talk to 3 people about the business or the products per day, set a minimum of 1 new appt per day and add at least 2 people to your prospect names list per day.  ** This concept is the bare minimum, keep in mind that minimum efforts generate minimum results. **

Use a Memory jogger to help you create your names list:  Click here

Access the potential

You have to be able to find your prospect’s pressures plans and problems.  Each one is listed below but when accessing a prospect ask the thought-provoking questions to GET THEM TO TALK.  Doing the accessing stage you are doing more listening than talking.


Prospect’s Pressures:  What is happening (or not happening) in the life of individual causing him or her to consider the business?

  1.  Prospect’s Plans:  What is this individual doing to try to change their situation and circumstances?
  2.  Prospect’s Problems:  What types of problems or challenges are they encountering when then try to make their plans a reality?

Connect the opportunity

You have to be able to connect Market America’s business plan and products to each prospect pressures, plans and problems.  This is key to getting your prospect to see the bigger picture.  NOW THIS IS WHERE THE SALE BEGINS!!!!! Position your business call to show the following 2 steps.

Visit this website features successful Unfranchise owners. Connect people to people they have similarities too. Professionally or Place of residence.

Market America Opportunity:  How will Market America work together with this prospect to equip and enable them to achieve their plans and reach their potential?

Market America Advantage:  What are the advantages of Market America’s opportunity compared with other alternatives that this Prospect may be considering?


Reveal the value

Market America Reference:  Which other individuals with similar pressures, plans, problems and potential have Market America business or products equipped, aided and enabled for success?  Find someone in the business that you can show your prospect has achieved success.  It may be a business partner or a success testimonial for the products that you are trying to sell.

Market America Unique’s Value:  How can Market America create unique value for this prospect by equipping and enabling them to become a successful entrepreneur or preferred customer?

Win the commitment

By the time you get to this stage your prospect should be ready to move forward.  You should review the prospect’s pressures plans and problem and accepted Market America’s Opportunities and Advantages and show them how this is the best option for them.  You next question should be a close probe question something like this.  What will stop you from starting your Market America business today? Or what will stop you from purchasing the (product or service) today?  Here is where you will find out what really is going on with prospect.

Keep a log of all your appointments: Click here


Mentorship is key to success of any new UnFranchise owner.    Here are a few keys steps to ensure success.

  1. Collaborate with your new business partner assisting them with the getting started guide, goal statement, name list, etc.
  2. Ensure that your new business partner attends NMTSS training and seminars.
  3. Schedule a home kickoff and either a wellness 101 or beauty 101 within the first 30 days. More Info click here

Utilize 3 way calls to help close the prospect: Click Here

Helpful tips; Communication is key and that all starts with the terminology you are using. Convert the word on the left to the word on the right.

—upline -downline – The Team
—crossline – Business Associate
—Sign up a customer – set your customer profile
—Sign up – register your business
—do(ing) market america – partnered with MA/
—The Portal – Web Site
—BDC – Virtual Location
—Legs – Your Organization
—My  Distributor- My Business Partner
—BV – business volume – commission
—HP – Health Professional


Phone Prospecting Script




Establish rapport with the person keep it brief, maybe 1-2 minutes.


Let them know it is brief

“ Well I only have a few minutes”


State purpose of call

“  The reason why I am calling you

FRIEND/CO-WORKER:  “is I wasn’t sure if you were aware that I started my own (online business; stream of internet businesses; internet franchise; or whatever specialty business you have, i.e. cosmetics, weight loss, website development)

LEAD:  you visited our website/blog/facebook and requested information about __________ (FIELD)


REFERRAL: “I was talking with a mutual friend of ours (NAME OR REFERRAL) and he/she had some nice things to say about you.


Edify the person (make them feel special) only use this line if you know the person

“and your were the first person to came to mind; I know you are very business minded; I know you love make-up”


State the day of the week for business meeting, give 2 different days FRIEND/CO-WORKER:  “What I like to do is get together with you, either _____ or ______ either day is flexible for me, for about an hour to show you what I am doingLEAD:  “What I am interested in doing is getting together at a mutually acceptable time to share more information about (FIELD). Would ___________ or _____________ be better for you?”


REFERRAL:  “What I would like to do is set up a time for you and I to get together and discuss some of the things”

Take the disappointment away, (lets them off the hook if they are not interested)

“You may be or not may be interested, either way it is fine with me”

State the value to them on why it is important to youFRIEND/CO-WORKER: “But it really mean a lot and I value your opinion, can you help me out?”LEAD: “I know the information online maybe a little vague that is why I want to designate a time to go over the information more in depth with you.  How does that sound?

 REFERRAL:  “that he/she thought would be of some benefit to you. How does ___________ or _____________ sound?”

What happens if the person asks “What is it?”


Tell briefly about the business (how you describe your business

“Well I am a product broker, and to be honest it is hard to explain it without you actually seeing it, that is why I wanted to meet ______ or _______ to discuss it all.

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