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First step is prepare your guest list. Purchase invitations you should incorporate the theme of your event into your invitations. Example gathering of friends for a sit down dinner party select a more elegant invitation. 50th birthday party an invitation that reflects the recipients hobbies, cars, gardening, sports team etc. Invitations should be mailed approximately 4 weeks from the event date. RSVP are needed when you need a head count for cater. If no count is needed rule of thumb 80% of guest invited will attend.


Always consider your guest may not have your culinary enthusiasm. 2 main courses and 3 side dishes are always a safe way to please all. Is it proper edict to ask guest to bring a dish? If the event is being held at your residence and the guest asks “Can I bring a dish?” You can than reply if you would like too of course. You never want to insult a guest before the party. Try to suggest an appetizer or dessert these items are great to have buffet style and they will not interfere with the main entrees you are preparing.


Creating an atmosphere that complements your dinner party meal will make the food you serve taste even better, so try to buy or make decorations that coordinate with the menu.

The most important tip for a dinner party: Splurge on high-quality ingredients. They’ll enhance both the flavor and texture of your dishes. As you pick your dinner party recipes, find out if your guests have any food allergies or restrictions, and serve plenty of sides to give your guests some options. If your guests are into wine, incorporate a wine tasting lesson into the dinner.


I have always found that a restaurant you frequent often will be the best provider of entrees for your event. Even if they do not have a catering menu available talk to the staff and inquire if this service is available. Smaller establishments are usually more eager to accommodate your request. Try to visit the establishment during non peak hours 2-4pm or call ahead too make an appointment so a staff member is readily available for you. Don’t forget to ask if delivery is included in price quote. Food should be served 1-2 hours after event start time. Purchase disposable chaffing dishes at your local party store so food can stay warm for up to 4 hours after served.


This is in my opinion the most important part of the event that is overlooked the most.  Instead of the host/ess running around like a chicken enjoy your gathering. Hire a local waitress, waiter or your local cleaning service. When planning a party to be held at your home the preparation is exhausting enough. The rates for your area may vary but $20 per hour is common. One person per 35 is recommended. Take the time to make this staff member familiar with your home prior to event. Key points broom, extra paper products, ice, silverware, toilet paper, coffee machine, garbage bags, dishwasher operation. Just think after the day is done no dishes to wash. Now that is worth it!


The glass should be filled half way allowing adequate room to swirl the wine. Open mature red wine 20-30 minutes before serving. Doing so will allow the wine to ‘breathe’ shedding any upleasant odors.

White wines should be chilled (45-55 degrees) for a few hours in the refrigerator. Reds should be slightly cooler than room temperature (about 65 degrees) Young fruity reds benefit from chilling. Sparkling wines should be throughly chilled; refrigerate several hours or the night before serving. Dessert wines should be served at room temperature. Chilling tones down the sweetness of a wine. If a red wine becomes too warm, it may lose some of its fruity flavor.


It is a gracious gesture to add wine to your dinner party. Generally, light-bodied wines complement light food; full-bodied wines are needed when pairing with hearty food. Very sweet wine does not usually enhance any food other than dessert.Champagneis always great as a starting toast and an event ending


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