A picture is worth a thousand words

What we thought would be here forever will soon be forgotten. Remember when you visited your first mall. You thought this is so much easier than driving around town from store to store to find that perfect whatever. Soon people started meeting in food courts across the country on Friday evenings and seniors could be seen walking the perimeter at … [Read more...]

Walk the walk…Talk the talk

Coming together is the beginning... Working together is progress... Keeping together is success... No one gets true success in life with out some help along the way. Every successful business operates with a system. Our system in Team Triangle is built on the power of people coming together to help the whole rather than one individual. They … [Read more...]

Locking Arms

In life  working together will get you to your destination sooner. Locking arms with those that are already on the journey will help as well but most of us entrepreneurs still want the freedom to make decisions for our selves. In our business that is exactly how it is. We assist, guide and inform you on what you could do but ultimately it is up to … [Read more...]

Are you Bullet Proof?

Life is a roller coaster and we have to prepare ourselves for the twist, turns, ups and downs. By arming yourself everyday with positive thoughts and surrounding yourself with individuals that have your best interest at heart you can bullet proof yourself. The world is not always kind and caring it can be mean and spiteful especially when money is … [Read more...]

Are you living your DASH?

Everyone has a birth date and you will eventually have a death date in between these two dates is a tiny DASH! A small line that represents a life full of accomplishments, laughter, tears, struggles and so much more. We have no control over these dates but we have 100% control over how we utilize the time given to us in our dash. Are you Living … [Read more...]