When friends split…

Breaking up is hard to do!

It is very difficult when your friends tell you they are splitting up. As a couple a big part of who you are is who you associate with. Sometimes it is the glue that holds you both together. Having that couple you can count on for great Friday night dinners, weekend boating, camping, shopping trips, Girls night out while the guys sit home and watch sports. What ever you enjoyed as couples will no longer be. One of the two in the realationship are usually not for the split and this is where problems begins.  Which friend do you side with? That is usually what they are looking for, someone to agree with them, say they are right. Even if you do agree  a true friend will stay neutral. Listen while they vent always saying to yourself there is three sides to every story. Encourage them to seek professional counseling. An outsider not familiar with their personalities can be objective. They will not take sides. It is not fair to take sides nor is it right. You were each ones friends at one time and it is best to stay positive about the future you never know what road life will lead them to.  After so many years of marriage we have had several friends that have dissolved their relationships we have connected with the new partners in most cases due to the fact we treated each person individually through the break up. Never excluding them from events. They are adults and must be treated that way they can make up there own minds weather to accept the invitation or not. It is not up to us to make this decision for them. Show you are a true friend by caring and supporting them as individuals. If you have any advice you would like to share please leave a comment below.

Michele Molinaro

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