People do not plan to fail they simply FAIL to PLAN!

#10 Lack of opportunity. This is not your WHY because you have a plan B or a strong conviction to find one

#9 Bad influence.  Change your surroundings

#8 Fear. This is the big crippling inhibitor that prevents many from succeeding.

The primary fear that stops many from even attempting to achieve outstanding success is the fear of failure. Strangely enough, the second biggest fear that prevents people from attempting to go for the gold is the fear of success.

#7 No Belief — that big lurking monster in the closet. I could give a week-long seminar on belief and how it shapes your reality.

Have the belief in your ability to create a self-designed destiny. Have belief in your right to have the success you desire.

Do not let anyone live your dreams for you

#6 Lack of training.  Training is the key we have so many ways to receive the information. You however must make the decision to invest your time into getting the trained

#5 Fuzzy ideals. clearly define what it is that you what and what you are willing to give up to get there.

#4 No Desire. Wanting success is not enough. You have to have a burning desire. Become passionate. Light a fire in your belly, in your heart, in your mind for the realization of your ideals

#3 Wrong Attitude Resolve, grit, gumption, tenacity, determination, persistence, discipline are major attributes of a winning attitude.

In order to succeed, you will need to develop a kick-butt attitude a firm resolve. Your results will be determined by your determination.

 #2 No Goals. The majority of people don’t have specific written goals. If you want to succeed, you have to define your goals. They are the specific objectives you must reach as you proceed to realizing your Goals. GOALS are so critically important to your success.

#1 No ACTION PLAN. The single biggest reason that most people do not succeed is simply because they don’t do anything about it.

Michele Molinaro

I have been a business owner for over 25 years but can say for the first time; “I own my business it doesn’t own me.” I have traded in my Brick and Mortar for a Click and Order. This gives me financial and time freedom. My business is operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no employees. I wake up when I am done sleeping and am able to work anywhere in the world there is a WiFi connection.

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